In the months before the Earth was struck by a meteorite the best and brightest were placed in stasis deep beneath the surface in the hope that humanity could be resurrected when the skies cleared and the planet became habitable once more. Waking up over a hundred years late, the player’s protagonist must survive in a new world filled with lawlessness, mutants, and various other nasties. Developed by id Software, the studio responsible for the genre-defining Doom, Rage runs on a brand new engine capable of displaying huge vistas and great levels of detail, allowing the famous studio to move away from dark, dank corridors and enclosed environments. A content-rich release, Rage includes a twenty-hour single-player, story-led campaign full of twists and turns for the aforementioned protagonist as he adapts to the new world and attempts to survive the attentions of a tyrannical faction hell-bent on acquiring anything related to the technologically-advanced, pre-collapse Earth, technology that could turn the tables and allow them to become the dominant force in the new world order. In addition, Rage features a co-op mode for two players where the goal is to survive and complete objectives in locations related to and referenced in the single-player campaign. For example, one requires a number of bombs to be disarmed in a town whilst simultaneously fighting off mutant hordes and protecting a mission-critical location. Kills and successful actions reward points, allowing you to upgrade your weaponry as the difficulty of the mission increases, and your results are saved so you can better yourself at a future date. And finally, Rage offers a competitive multiplayer mode based entirely around the game’s vehicles, so rather than running and gunning in Team Deathmatch, you drive and gun, blasting enemies off the road. The main mode in multiplayer is Rage Combat Rally, a point-to-point race where the goal is to be first, like any other race, but that’s not so easy when the other competitors are all armed to the teeth. Each match grants experience points, ranking up your character and allowing you to unlock new components with which to customize your vehicle. So all in, Rage is a rich title full of content that will keep you busy for a very long time indeed, and it even

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